Handmade in Alexandria Virginia - USA




We love to make things for you.  And no wonder.  It's so much fun for us to be potters because we don't repeat the same design.  Each item we make is a little work of art. (Pictured Karl Oerth "bowl man")

We are the Originators of the now-famous Giving Hearts & Giving Bowls - customers like that each is made one at a time. We offer hundreds of heartfelt words.  Each comes with a story card.  Also a handprinted cotton bag sourced in the USA

Giving Hearts Giving Bowls 

Museums, galleries, gift boutiques, hospitals, hotels, universities, spas, retreats, and other fine specialty retailers carry our products.  Lorraine Oerth & Co markets nationally at NY NOW 2017, Atlanta Americas Mart 2017 & ACRE Philadelphia 2017. (Pictured Right Paula Oerth working with Luz)

We are known for distinctive designs, fresh ideas & bright colors



“Being an artist is a privilege!”

Lorraine Oerth says she always knew she was an artist.  But is was being a studio potter that combined her love of sculpting, printmaking, painting and designing.

"I am fortunate to work with my family. Paula and Karl Oerth.  We have an awesome team of skilled assistants who support the studio's atelier style workshop.  We are so grateful that people like what we make.  Were it not for our customers, we wouldn't be able to have all of this fun working with clay.  Thank you so much."

We Recycle & Re-use

To protect them during shipping, our Giving Hearts & Giving Bowls are packaged in styrofoam pockets.  We got the idea to re-use them and asked our customers to return them to us.  We pay for the return shipping.  All our customer has to do is stuff a cotton drawstring bag with the packing material.  Thank you dear customers for helping us do our part to recycle!